Posted on 27 October 2021 | 3:30 pm

‘Along With the Gods’ Set to Release Play-to-Earn Model

Posted on 27 October 2021 | 3:20 pm

Upgradable NFTs: How collaborations will leap forward

Posted on 27 October 2021 | 3:11 pm

BREAKING: Cream Finance appears to have suffered major loss in flash loan hack

Malicious actors continue to target decentralized finance projects for their exploits. On Wednesday, a major DeFi lending platform suffered a flash lo…

Posted on 27 October 2021 | 3:02 pm

Win-To-Earn NFT Game, Duelist King Secures Over $1 Million

Posted on 27 October 2021 | 2:20 pm

Immunefi to bolster DeFi security service with new funds

Posted on 27 October 2021 | 1:45 pm

Upgradable NFTs: How collaborations will leap forward

The confluence of creative minds: What an upgradable NFT is and how it will change our perception of blockchain technology.

Posted on 27 October 2021 | 1:25 pm

Bitcoin price dip matches October 2017 with BTC ‘explosion’ still forecast before 2022

Even opportunities to “buy the dip” match up — almost to the day — with Q4 2017.

Posted on 27 October 2021 | 1:11 pm

Privacy or policy? Why Facebook’s crypto wallet, Novi, is facing resistance

Facebook’s Novi wallet lets users send and receive a dollar-pegged stablecoin, but not hold it.

Posted on 27 October 2021 | 1:04 pm

Shiba Inu could surpass Dogecoin after a 700% SHIB price rally in October

In comparison, Dogecoin’s October gains so far have come out to be a little over 8%.

Posted on 27 October 2021 | 1:03 pm

Putting a cap on decentralization: How regulation impacts DeFi adoption

As legislation threatens to allow centralization to creep into the DeFi space, regulation could have complex effects on the adoption.

Posted on 27 October 2021 | 1:00 pm

Dogecoin Conference rebrands as Hodl Assets and gets into fashion NFTs

Jenny Ta said that HODL Assets chose to rebrand the Dogecoin Conference to Cryptotainment as part of the firm’s goals to make NFTs mainstream.

Posted on 27 October 2021 | 12:59 pm

DBS Bank joins Hedera blockchain’s governing council

The bank wants to use its membership to further explore the emerging possibilities opened up by blockchain technology.

Posted on 27 October 2021 | 11:49 am

European Central Bank announces digital euro advisory group members

The group consists of 30 high-ranking financial professionals from organizations, including BBVA, CRIF and Stripe, among others.

Posted on 27 October 2021 | 10:44 am

Dubai finance watchdog approves listing of Bitcoin fund

The DFSA is establishing itself as an innovative regulator for the region by focusing on fintech and innovative technology.

Posted on 27 October 2021 | 10:18 am

Latin America stands to benefit most from crypto, says Uphold exec

Uphold CEO JP Thieriot said that the nature of life in Latin America begs for use cases based on Bitcoin.

Posted on 27 October 2021 | 10:00 am

Will Ethereum’s new ATH bear the same results as it did in May

After months of waiting, Ethereum finally accomplished what investors had been waiting for. By hitting $4,361 on the charts, ETH marked a new all-time…

Posted on 27 October 2021 | 9:52 am

Slovenian finance ministry seeks public opinion on crypto tax laws

Slovenia’s crypto tax bill proposes a 10% tax on fiat-crypto conversions and payments made with cryptocurrencies.

Posted on 27 October 2021 | 8:57 am

Bitcoin is under $60,000, but should traders sell or hold now

Another curveball is being thrown at the crypto-industry right now, with Bitcoin and co. collectively bleeding on the charts. With Bitcoin dropping be…

Posted on 27 October 2021 | 8:28 am

Bitcoin drops $1K in five minutes in fresh dip below $60K

Ethereum slips below $4,000 as an anticipated correction suddenly takes hold of crypto markets.

Posted on 27 October 2021 | 8:15 am

VirgoCX sorts the NFT market with new brokerage service

NFTs have continued their accelerated growth over the past few months, with thousands of these assets being minted, bought, and sold every day. The ma…

Posted on 27 October 2021 | 7:45 am

Bybit & MEXC to co-launch CBX token CropBytes enters the big league!

While the virtual gaming space has seen tremendous growth in the past few years, there is still a lack of connection between the real world and virtua…

Posted on 27 October 2021 | 7:30 am

Cardano’s partnership with Ethiopia named among 2021’s ‘most influential’

The Cardano network has garnered the interest of many cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Thanks to not only its network upgrades, but also the vast use cases…

Posted on 27 October 2021 | 7:15 am

Minto shares primary stats after staking launch

Minto team reports. As you know, BTCMT staking was launched on October 21, and we are pleased to announce its first results. On the first day, 4.4% of…

Posted on 27 October 2021 | 7:00 am

Ethereum: Ahead of the Altair update, here’s where the nodes are

These are good times for Ethereum, with the altcoin recording a market cap of over $500 billion for the first time this month. In fact, ETH breached i…

Posted on 27 October 2021 | 6:45 am

Liquidus introducing DeFi to the masses with its new web & mobile platform

Liquidus will bring the rapidly expanding decentralized finance ecosystem to the masses, breaking complicated processes down through easy-to-use, simp…

Posted on 27 October 2021 | 6:30 am

Clipper: Prioritizing small and medium scale traders

One of the major problems associated with a lot of DEXes in recent times is that they prioritize large-scale traders over the smaller ones. While this…

Posted on 27 October 2021 | 5:47 am

Redditors cheer as GameStop assembles a team of NFT experts

“Future creators won’t just build games but also the components, characters, and equipment. Blockchains will power the commerce underneath,” Gam…

Posted on 27 October 2021 | 5:30 am

Citi’s bullish Coinbase target: ‘Buy crypto’s general store’

The multinational investment bank thinks Coinbase stock is worth 30% more than its current price.

Posted on 27 October 2021 | 5:22 am

Puerto Rico sees resurgence of interest among crypto rich

Crypto capital is moving to Puerto Rico as tax regulations are much more favorable than in the United States.

Posted on 27 October 2021 | 3:30 am

Can Cardano ever compete with Ethereum on the smart contracts front

The lack of trust while engaging with different parties is one of the biggest challenges that people outside the “smart world” face. Due to the la…

Posted on 27 October 2021 | 2:47 am

New Bitcoin ETFs filed: One for bears, the other with ‘leverage for ants’

ETF issuers are getting creative with two new filings for inverse and leveraged funds.

Posted on 27 October 2021 | 2:07 am

FTX buys Super Bowl ad slot to promote crypto to a TV audience of 92M

FTX exchange will advertise for the first time during Super Bowl LVI to reach mainstream football fans.

Posted on 27 October 2021 | 1:02 am

Robinhood shares tank 10% after crypto revenue falls by three-quarters

Robinhood posted $51 million worth of transaction-based revenue from crypto in Q3, marking a 78% decrease compared to the previous quarter.

Posted on 26 October 2021 | 10:00 pm

Expanding ecosystem and $1.86B futures open interest back Solana’s $250 target

Derivatives data shows institutional demand remains strong for SOL, and on-chain data points to a rally to $250.

Posted on 26 October 2021 | 9:32 pm

26 companies and advocacy groups call on Valve to reverse its blockchain games ban

“The potential blockchain gaming ecosystem will grow to be orders of magnitude larger than it is now, by the end of this decade," said Enjin chief t…

Posted on 26 October 2021 | 8:05 pm

Everipedia VORTECS™ Score hits record high ahead of upcoming NFT drop to IQ stakers

The VORTECS™ Score for IQ surged to a record high shortly before Everipedia announced that token stakers would receive special NFTs.

Posted on 26 October 2021 | 7:58 pm

Adobe offers users the ability to verify NFT marketplace creations through metadata

The software company's Content Credentials can add an NFT creator’s wallet address and social media information to the metadata of tokens listed on…

Posted on 26 October 2021 | 7:05 pm

Helium partners with Dish Network to expand its crypto-based distributed 5G platform

Helium announces a new partnership with Dish Network, which will further extend its 5G network in exchange for HNT rewards.

Posted on 26 October 2021 | 6:19 pm

US regulators are exploring policy for banks to handle crypto, says FDIC chair

“Establishing clear regulatory expectations will be paramount to give this market an opportunity to grow and mature in a responsible manner,” said…

Posted on 26 October 2021 | 5:52 pm

Secret, Curve and Shiba Inu gains suggest that altseason is coming

SCRT and SHIB surge to new highs, while CRV’s rally breaks a nearly year-long sideways trend.

Posted on 26 October 2021 | 5:00 pm

KYVE raise $2.8M to advance Web 3.0 data storage

The projects co-founders Riewe and Letey are youthful entrepreneurs, aged 21 and 16, respectively.

Posted on 26 October 2021 | 4:15 pm

NFL quarterback Tom Brady gives fan 1 BTC for his historic 600th-touchdown-pass ball

The GOAT rewarded a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan after wide receiver Mike Evans mistakenly handed him the ball following the historic touchdown.

Posted on 26 October 2021 | 4:07 pm

Ethereum 2.0 inches closer with the Beacon Chain’s Altair upgrade

The Altair upgrade later this month will be the first update to the Beacon Chain, marking the first preparatory move for the upcoming Merge.

Posted on 26 October 2021 | 4:00 pm

Bank of Spain issues registration guidelines for crypto services

All individuals and institutions in the country, including banks, will have to sign up using the new AML registry from the Bank of Spain.